Limited edition prints glossary

Artist's proof
Impressions printed especially for the artist and excluded from the numbering from an edition, but exactly like the editioned prints in every other respect. Usually appears as 'AP'.

The total number of impressions pulled of a single image or set of images from the same matrix. To this number the artist usually authorises the additions of a small number of artist's, printer's, publisher's and other proofs.

An intaglio process in which a plate is treated with acid-resistant ground. The artist then draws through the ground with various tools to expose the metal. The plate is then immersed in an acid bath where the acid bites or chemically dissolves the exposed lines. The metal plate is therefore carved or etched by the acid rather than by a tool directly in the metal.

A print produced with continous tone ink-jet technology on a variety of media. Is very high quality, longevity and clarity.

Hors-commerce 'HC'
These proofs not originally intended for sale are excluded from the number of an edition but are otherwise exactly the like the editioned prints in every other respect.

Inkjet printing
A broad term for four color printing in which liquid inks are sprayed onto the receiving material in very fine droplets not visible to the naked eye.